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We are Dale and Rebecah Lutz the owners in this sweet story.

Neither of us set out to purchase a business but as you know things never stay the same in life. I

(Rebecah) had worked for the previous twelve years promoting tourism and hospitality in both

Lincoln County (the local County we live in) and along the entire Oregon coast. In this job I

traveled around the world encouraging people to travel to the Oregon coast on vacation. I had a

blast meeting people and telling them all about this wonderful place that we live, work and play

in. But as I said things change and I got laid off. With no prospects of anything quite as fun I

took some time off and traveled around the country seeing friends and family while praying for what God had next for me in my life.

I have known the previous owner of Nye Beach Sweets for more years than either of us wanted

to count and one day when I was visiting, he indicated that he might be interested in selling the

shop. That conversation led to many other conversations and ultimately to working for him to

see if I liked working in a sweets shop.

As you can gather, I did and on October 1st, 2013 Dale and I purchased the shop. We are now

James 1:27 Ministry, LLC began doing business as Nye Beach Sweets. We had a good location

and people knew where we were but as we looked around we realized that we were just outside

of the main foot traffic flow and that we would need to relocate the shop down the street about a

half block to a more central location in the Nye Beach and reopened the shop with its new look,

new logo on January 18th.


Fast forward five years and many conversations about how to continue to change and grow our

business along with many prayers about the next steps God had for our lives and His plans for

our business and we find ourselves once again moving the business to a new location. We found

a building about six miles north of Newport in the Village of Otter Rock that is adjacent to the

Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area where over 375,000 people visit every year.

With this move to the scenic village of Otter Rock we not only change our location but our name

but our mission remains the same. We are now Cliffside Coffee & Sweets and are located at 865 1st

Street, Otter Rock Oregon.


You might be wondering about our business name James 1:27 Ministry, LLC. That name was

chosen for several reasons but mainly because it is our heart. The verse in the Bible reads “Pure

and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their

distress....”. Having been to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa on missions trips and

seeing the orphans begging on the streets, scraping by just to have one meal for that day, not

having a roof over their head, having little and no one to care for them has broken my heart.

And, as a widow, I know what it is like to find yourself alone without your spouse wondering

how to make it through today – let alone the next day and the next day. Dale and I realize that

things in the United States are so much easier for all of us and we want to help. We do this

through the business and in our personal lives by supporting missionaries, orphans and the

widows in the Congo along with other things right here in our own community. By shopping in

our sweet shop you are helping us help others. We say “Thank You!”

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